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Discover the Mystery of Companies with WTFDoesThisCompanyDo.vercel.app!

WTFDoesThisCompanyDo.vercel.app is a clever and fun way to discover what a company really does. Often, the names of companies can be misleading or vague, leaving people wondering what their actual product or service is. This is where WTFDoesThisCompanyDo comes in. By simply entering a company’s domain, users can receive a brief, yet humorous summary of what the company actually does.

The website uses GPT-3 to generate the summaries, which makes the experience both educational and entertaining. In addition to being a useful tool for consumers, the website can also be a fun game for friends to play. Users can input the domain of their friend’s company and see if they can guess the correct answer based on the generated summary.

Overall, WTFDoesThisCompanyDo is a great resource for anyone who wants to know what a company does without having to sift through pages of text. It’s a clever use of GPT-3 and a great example of how AI can be used to make information more accessible and entertaining.

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