Skyglass app: Virtual Production Made Simple

Skyglass is a revolutionary app that makes virtual production accessible to anyone with an iPhone. Using the cameras and sensors built into your phone, Skyglass combines your real-life footage with virtual backgrounds streamed in real-time from the Skyglass Cloud. With the power of Unreal Engine, Skyglass creates ultra-realistic scenes that move when you move, providing an immersive experience for your viewers.

But that’s not all. Skyglass also features full 360 AI-generated backgrounds, allowing you to type out what you want to see and let AI build a complete 360 environment for you to film in. This means that you can bring your ideas to life in a matter of minutes without the need for expensive equipment or a team of professionals.

Meet the Skyglass Team

The Skyglass team is made up of industry experts who are passionate about virtual production and making it accessible to everyone.

Founder and CEO, Ryan Burgoyne, was a senior engineer on the team that built Reality Composer at Apple. After leaving Apple, Ryan founded Skyglass with the mission to help people tell their stories by making virtual production accessible to all.

Marketing and UI/UX expert, Chadwin Smith, has years of experience working in technology at Apple, Google, and Intel. He also has over a decade of experience in video production and marketing.

Operations Manager, Eric Burgoyne, has a background in R&D at Intel and a passion for particle physics, light, and alternative energy. He has founded several startups and excels at leading teams.

Join the Virtual Production Revolution with Skyglass

If you’re looking to create immersive and realistic videos without the need for expensive equipment or a team of professionals, Skyglass is the perfect app for you. Join the virtual production revolution and download Skyglass today.